I have always been interested in photography. This passion first began through 4-H when I entered the county fair every year with photographs. I talked to judges about the photographs I had taken and the skills that I used to catch a particular moment.

In 5th grade I brought a phenomenal photograph to a judge and he looked with awe. I was able to capture a penguin swimming in full focus while the water was a blur in the background.

He asked me “How did you get this?” I sat there for awhile and finally said that I didn’t know. I didn’t understand why he needed an explanation. It was a good photo, but at the time I didn’t realize that I had to prove what I learned.

I realized then that photography was more than a picture with rules. To me, photographs tell a story. It goes beyond the ‘rule of thirds’ or even ‘filling the frame.’ It’s the fact that I’m able to capture a particular moment that will never happen again.

Yes, what I have learned through my years has built the foundation of my skills, but the ability I have to display what I see to an audience, well, thats the real beauty.

Photography is a past time for me and also a way to capture something that I find interesting. I have found that my best photos are when I travel. This is because it gives me the ability to share a place with someone from home who didn’t have the opportunity to travel like I had.

What I love to take pictures of most on my travels is the landscape and my surroundings. This includes anywhere from a beach in Bonaire, Lollapalooza in Chicago, or a café in Italy.

For up-to-date photos, I continuously post on VSCO.