As a news major, I am taking classes such as JMC54 Reporting and Writing. I am required to write one
news story a week with three sources. Here’s a glimpse at tories I have written while as a student at Drake University.

Besides the required journalism classes, I am taking classes specifically related to news.

News Major Classes:

  • Video for Journalists
  • Web Page Design
  • Journalism Capstone
  • Media Editing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Public Affairs Jo online

My predicted graduation is May 2019. Over the next few years I plan on gaining as much experience as I can through internships. In high school I took a broadcasting class and held the position of the anchor, reporter, writer, and video editor. In 2014, I attended a SCAD Video Production in Savannah, Georgia. I
worked along side professional Shelly Short and also a team to create a short film. Comparing my experiences that I have had over the past 2 years, I have grown not only as a person, but as journalist.
I have learned far more things than I ever thought I would. Being a student at Drake, I have many opportunities to be involved as a journalist. This includes the Drake Relays and the presidential debate which was held on campus.

For the Drake Relays, I operated the camera both on and off the track. During the actual relays, I worked for Creative Services. Prior to relays months were spent creating packages with a team for the Drake Broadcasting System. I also was involved by attending a caucus site to find out the results and call them into WHO-TV.