Young Voters Vote Young

With elections less than a week away, candidates know that this is a vital time to represent themselves to the United States citizens. David Young, United States Congressman, visited Drake University while on tour for his re-election campaign.

“The people of Iowa are my bosses,” Young said. “It’s an honor to work for them every day to make America better.”

Young, Drake Alumni, visited for an hour at 7 p.m. Tuesday in Jethro’s BBQ on Forest Ave. Around 50 people attended his campaign event that was presented by the Young Voters Vote Young organization. He and Zach Nunn, State Representative, took the time to individually greet all attendees and then address the group as a whole. Young’s campaign is revolved around listening to the people.

Nunn recently returned from serving overseas with the Iowa National Guard. “The hardest thing to do is come back from a combat zone,” Nunn said. “Especially not knowing that your country is going to be there for you when you were there for them.” Young is demonstrating his personal relationships with Iowans by making this issue a priority.

Nathan Paulsen, sophomore at Drake, has been spending his time as the youth campaign director for Young. Paulsen does outreach work for the campaign at Drake and Simpson College. This year he created a temporary organization, Young Voters Vote Young. This was developed to create easier accessibility for students, supporting any campaign, to obtain conference rooms at Drake.

Paulsen emphasized that students at Drake are privileged to come in contact with a multitude of opportunities to be involved with the political world. “We are able to literally go and talk to a United States Congressman,” Paulsen said. “Thats not usually an option at other states or colleges unless hundreds of students attend.”

Sophomore Kylie Busick attended the event due to personal connections with Nunn, Young’s endorser. Busick had previously met Nunn through student Kasey Clary who worked as Nunn’s chief of operations intern this past year.

Political involvement from students at Drake is very important, Clary said. “A lot of people aren’t informed about our government,” Busick said. “This plays a huge role in voter turnout.” By attending events or even volunteering, individuals are going to get exposure, Paulsen said.
The United States Census estimated that 3,123,899 million people were residing in Iowa during the year of 2015. “I hope that you don’t feel that you do not have a voice because you do,” Young said. “When is comes to your government, I want to make sure the Constitution is protected especially the First Amendment.”

Paulsen and Clary are taking ownership of their freedom, provided by the First Amendment, by holding political positions in local campaigns. “In the end, it is you who decides who governs us,” Young said. “After all, this is a self governing country.”

The election will be held Nov 8.


Written by Maric Salocker

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