As previously said in my About page, I am very passionate about traveling. There wasn’t much to do having grown up in a town of about 24,000 in the middle of Iowa. As an only child I lived on the outskirts of town with woods as my backyard. I learned to make my
own adventures and I believe that this played a role in my thrill for adventure

I was fortunate enough to have parents that traveled frequently. We often visited family in Boise, Idaho, Atlanta, Georgia, and even Gaming, Austria. In total, I have visited 22 states and 8 countries. I travel to Illinois, Georgia, and Florida often.

Studying Abroad

In today’s global society, the world looks to leaders that have embraced cultural differences.

“It’s a matter of perspective: Recognizing yours, then expanding it,” Author Ken Bouyer wrote for Preparing to Study Abroad: Learning to Cross Cultures. “What you get out of your studies, career, and even life itself is largely grounded in the way you perceive the world.”

For the spring semester of 2017 I plan to live in Rome, Italy. By June, I will have lived in Europe for 5 months.

As a college student who is going to study abroad, I plan on traveling with an open mind to create that global diversity.

Traveling is more than the destination. It’s the experience you get out of it. If you travel with an open mind so many opportunities are opened to you.

I found that when I traveled by myself I gained the most experience because I traveled with an open mind. My favorite part of traveling is always meeting new people.