January 17

January 17, 2017

Our last school visit! Nine visits later and we have made it to our final school. With little sleep, it took Rachel and I all we had to wake up. The visit was as expected from a primary school.

Lessons. Tour. Presentation. Coffee.

This was one of my least favorite schools we visited. There was little interaction with students and the presentation was incredibly long. Granted I am not an education major and was exhausted from the night before. I can only listen to so much about the Finnish school system.

I visited a woodworking class where the 3rd grade students were practicing skills. The students obediently followed instructions which was impressive. The teacher gave them the job to show us how to use the tools. They were reserved so I’m assuming they knew little english. A girl would show us how to use a drill and then let us try. When we completed the task she gave us a thumbs up.

This was the only student interaction I had received at this school.

Once we finished our school lunch we left to visit Santa’s village. In the village there was a line indication where the Arctic Circle began. Not many people can say they have crossed it, but we have!

Later that night we attempted to see the Northern Lights again. Although we did not see them, it was not a failed attempt. We found a snow hill and began sliding down on our backs until someone found sleds. At the bottom the hill was a frozen lake. After an hour sledding in the dark, I walked onto the lake. It was the most magnificent sight.

I stood there looking into the clear sky and embraced the moment. The moment of knowing that I was in FINLAND. The moment of hearing my classmates having fun sledding. It still gives me chills.

The best parts of the trip are going to remain unwritten and as memories.

That night concluded the most remarkable trip for me.

Finland was a great beginning to my new journey.


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