January 8

January 8, 2017

When arriving to the Vienna airport after an 8 hour flight I was eager. Eager to leave and have my passport stamped and to also see my uncle. My uncle, Tom, has resided in Gaming, Austria since 2005. With a 12 hour layover until my flight to Helsinki, Finland, I had a good amount of time to pass.

Tom was willing to pick me up and help settle me in for the next flight. Once I had checked my bags we left the airport and went towards
downtown Vienna. Unsurprisingly the first stop we made was to attend mass at a cathedral since it was Sunday. Lucky for me we arrived late. Sitting in the Votive Church I looked around and said to myself “this is now my life.”

Since I am now immersing myself in many new cultures the opportunities this trip could hold began to cross my mind. Not only was I hearing about the European culture, but I was now living it.

Once mass was over Tom took me to the Hofburg. He showed me the palace grounds and gave me a history lesson. After several hours Tom took my back to the airport. I was exhausted since I had stayed up 24 hours.

I arrived in Helsinki at midnight. Needless to say I slept well.

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